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Week beginning Sunday 5th August 2018

- Sunday 5th August 2018 Travel Channel 21:00 Wild Britain with Ray Mears: Wetlands -The survival expert explores Somerset's low-lying wetlands, one of the largest feeding grounds in Europe, where he spots little egret herons hunting for food and gathers reedmace pollen to make a pancake. He also catches a glimpse of an emperor dragonfly, and watches an otter gliding through water at dusk

Week beginning Sunday 12th August 2018

- Tuesday 14th August 2018 BBC Four 01:00 Natural World: Giant Otters of the Amazon - Cameraman Charlie Hamilton James heads to the Peruvian jungle to chart the hazardous life of a giant otter and its unruly family of six cubs. The young ones must learn how to swim, catch piranha and avoid predators, with Charlie managing to capture a fight between the otters and a caiman, a large aquatic reptile closely related to the alligator and the crocodile