The Secret Life of the Zoo Otters on TV

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Week beginning Sunday 20th January 2019

- Tuesday 22nd January 2019 RTÉ One 07:55 Giant Otters of the Amazon: Natural World - Cameraman Charlie Hamilton James heads to the Peruvian jungle to chart the hazardous life of a giant otter and its unruly family of six cubs. The young ones must learn how to swim, catch piranha and avoid predators, with Charlie managing to capture a fight between the otters and a caiman, a large aquatic reptile closely related to the alligator and the crocodile
- Wednesday 23rd January 2019 BBC1 Scotland 21:00 Wild Shetland - Scotland's Viking Frontier - Ewan McGregor narrates a captivating portrait of the Shetland Islands, tracing the course of a breeding season from the depths of winter to high summer. Cameras follow puffins, diving gannets and storm petrels nesting in an ancient Pictish tower, a mother otter protecting her young twin cubs, and capture a pod of orcas hunting seals of the island's rocky coasts
- Thursday 24th January 2019 Animal Planet 12:00 Wildest Europe: Rivers, Lakes and Oceans - Discovering the wildlife of Europe's waterways, including the world's only underwater spider, the European river otter and the Danube delta's golden jackal