Otters on TV

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Week beginning Sunday 18th March 2018

- Sunday 18th March 2018 Nat Geo Wild 20:00 Jaguar v Crocs : In the Pantanal of Brazil, a male jaguar squares up to the deadliest of opponents - a six-foot-long caiman. Meanwhile, giant otters risk becoming jaguar dinner.
- Wednesday 21st March 2018 Eden 13:00 Life in the Great Wetlands: Bay of Fundy: In Canada, in the Bay of Fundy, a unique marine environment is found, where the giants of the sea delight in plankton and krill.
- Friday 23rd March 2018 Eden 11:00 Autumnwatch: Wildlife series with Michaela Strachan, Chris Packham and Martin Hughes-Games. The trio are finding out more about the resident wildlife at RSPB Leighton Moss.
    BBC2 14:15 Monty Halls' Great Irish Escape: Monty Halls tracks down dolphins off the west coast of Ireland, using sonar technology to record the whistles and clicks they use to communicate with each other.
- Saturday 24th March 2018 Nat Geo Wild 11:00 Wild Yellowstone: Grizzly Summer: Explore Yellowstone during the summer months, as grizzly bears emerge from mountain dens to roam for food. But the competition is fierce