Where You can See Neotropical Otters

In the Wild

All otters are hard to see in the wild, but many tourism companies mention them, such as Tortugal Marina , The Lodge at Pico Bonito Honduras and many tourism ventures in Manu National Park.

In Captivity

There do not seem to be any Neotropical Otters outside Central and South America. The following zoos hold this species (according to either the
International Species Information System (ISIS) or their own websites.

Known Husbandry Issues

Cubas (1996) reporting on captive animals in South America, mentions a wild-caught Neotropical Otter in captivity dying of haemorrhagic enteritis, caused by a recurring Eimeria infection, and another otter infested with Dioctophyme renale, a kidney worm, although it is unclear whether this contributed to the host animal's death.

Neotropical River Otter